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Welcome to " Stubborn Facts " Channel managed by "FireBeast Media Productions Pvt. Ltd." Learn about the world's most amazing places that you've never seen before This is your destination for entertainment with amazing videos. Q: Do we steal people's Videos ? Ans:No 1. We look for videos on various social media platforms. 2. Once We find a video we think people would enjoy, we send the original creator a message or an email asking for permission to share their video on our channel. 3. If they say yes, then only we share the video! . Some people would rather get paid, so We have to pay them money in order to share the video 4. For people that would like to get paid, We send them a legal licensing agreement that they have to sign and then We can share their video! If you have noticed videos on our channel that have owners name in the the video. These are videos We purchased the rights to in order to share on our channel.