Addviu Disclaimer & Copyright Notice

This section of the website ( discusses about ownership and copyright on the videos published on this platform. This is something that can’t be missed by any user using this platform. Look below for copyright instructions for this website (

  1. Users using this platform can’t use copy a piece of work (videos, music, and information) and publish it off as their own.
  2. You can’t use someone else’s video’s content, music, or style for public or commercial use unless you have the permission of the person or company that owns or control the legal rights in the work.
  3. Copyright gives the users involved in creating video various rights over the copying, distribution, and internet transmission of the work.
  4. If a user finds that his video or work has been copied by some other user, he reserves full right to report copyright infringement. The platform ( will look into the matter; and any user is found violating copyright law, his channel will be given 1st strike as a warning.
  5. If a same user is again found violating copyright laws, his channel will be given 2nd strike as a final warning. In any case, if a user still violates copyright laws, his channel will be given 3rd strike and the channel will be removed from the platform permanently.
  6. Copyright protects expression of an idea and encourages people to create something new.
  7. Addviu’s copyright law gives you an authority to create your work as an asset for you.

Note - If any user infringes your copyright on this platform, you will have legal grounds to pursue the guilty party to either pay you for a license, or compensate you for any financial loss you may have occurred. If a user is using your work without your knowledge, you are well in your rights to receive compensation for any earnings they have made off the back of your work.