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Dialogue "HUM TEEN HUMARE TEEN" Movie Can See With Family Under an Umbrella ****************************************************** This Film is all about family. We have tried to bring families to live together... Basically kids are going out for job or a girl get married and she leaves her home... And parents are left alone. We emphasised why not we all live together even the girls parents too. And enjoy the life under one umbrella. A Film by Anurag Jain a Passionate Business Man Turned Into Filmmaker. ******************************************************************************* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PRODUCED BY: ANURAG JAIN, DR. J P GUPTA & NAKSHATRA JAIN ======================================================= DIRECTION: ANURAG JAIN ======================================================= STORY & DIALOGUES: ANURAG JAIN & KOMAL SINGH ======================================================= CONCEPT: ANUPAM JAIN ======================================================= STARRING - Dr. J P GUPTA , KOMAL SINGH, ANURAG JAIN, ADITYA GIRI NISHA SHARMA, PIHU SHARMA ======================================================= MUSIC (SONG): ANJU MUNJAAL BACKGROUND SCORE: V. HEMANANDH LYRICS: SHIPRA GARG FILM MIX: ANURAG SINGH POST PRODUCTION: MOON DIGITAL CAMERA: RANJIT GUPTA, VISHAL & DEVANSHU EDIT: BRIJESH CHANDER COLORING: KRISHNA KUMAR MAKEUP: MITHLESH & TEAM



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